Used Hondas in Branford, CT, at Brandfon Honda

For customers wanting a great used car near New Haven, East Haven, Hamden or Milford, look no further than a used Honda in Branford, CT, at Brandfon Honda!

Why choose to buy a used Honda over a new Honda? There are a few reasons to consider.


Same Reliability
The reliability of Honda vehicles is a well documented, and Honda has topped reliability lists for many years now. Used Hondas are just as reliable as new Hondas, especially if they have been well-treated by their prior owners. Plus, many Honda dealers like Brandfon Honda inspect their used Hondas before putting them on the lot to ensure that no serious mechanical problems are present. You can count on having the same reliability and peace of mind with a used Honda as you do a new Honda.

Less Depreciation
The second you drive off the lot, a new car starts losing value, even when the car in question is a brand like Honda that is renowned for holding its value. Typically, your average new car loses approximately 30 percent or more of its value within the first two to three years. Opting to get a used Honda instead of a new one means you are not paying nearly as much for that Accord or Civic as you would have if you had bought that same car brand new; you suffer less depreciation, meaning you lose less money during ownership of your Honda.


Lower Cost
A pre-owned Honda has already experienced depreciation, so your upfront cost is much less than if you bought that vehicle new. Buying an older used Honda could save you thousands of dollars, which is definitely something you and your bank account can appreciate.


Certified Pre-Owned
Like most automakers, Honda has a Certified Pre-Owned program. All of the  Certified Pre-Owned  Hondas in Brandfon Honda's used inventory must be well-maintained, be less than six years old and have no more than 80,000 miles on the odometer in order to qualify for our program.  Certified Pre-Owned Hondas are a great investment, as some benefits of our program include a 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection, a Honda Certified Used Cars Limited Warranty, a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report, a free XM Radio three-month trial (if equipped) and Honda Care plans available separately for purchase for added peace of mind. If you want a used Honda in Branford, CT, in like-new condition but priced as used, consider a  Certified Pre-Owned Honda.

Stop by today and browse our used Hondas in Branford, CT, at Brandfon Honda. Visit our dealership, or contact us at 855-754-0439!


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