Have you felt it? The first frost of the season? The temperatures are starting to fall. Before you know it, the snow will start falling, and the roads will get icy. So, we guess the big question is, is your Honda ready? There is a lot that needs to be addressed to make sure you stay safe this winter. Why not let the Honda service experts at Brandfon Honda get your car winter-ready.

Think about the things your Honda needs to keep you safe when the snow starts collecting on the roads around Branford. A good set of reliable tires. Effective windshield wipers. Brakes you can count on as you traverse the slippery conditions. These are easy ways to prepare your Honda when Jack Frost rears its head in the coming weeks. Something you may not consider is your engine.

When the temperatures change, your engine will have a hard time adapting. That is when you need to bring it to the team that knows what a Honda needs in the winter. Let our service pros put the right oil viscosity into your car, truck, or SUV, and we will help protect your engine. The proper oil can keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently all winter long.

Are your tires able to hold up to the demands of winter driving? Do they have enough tread to give you a firm grip on the highways and city streets? This is a question you don't want to answer the hard way. A good set of tires could be the difference between a warm cozy evening with your family and spending the holiday in a snowbank. Figure out your tread depth and learn if your tires need replacement or if a good rotation is in store. Our service team can get your tires road-ready for the winter.

There are so many things to consider before you start driving in a winter wonderland. You can't possibly be held accountable for remembering everything. Instead, trust your Honda to the Winter experts in the Brandfon Honda service department. We'll get you on track to venture out this winter with confidence.

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