Summer in New England means lots of travel and fun to be had, and many depend on their vehicle for these road trips to national parks, beaches, and other beautiful settings. Well, if you want to depend on your vehicle while feeling confident in its quality, it's important to maintain your car, truck, or SUV. Warmer weather can impact various components in your vehicle, and we've highlighted some summer vehicle maintenance tips so that you get to enjoy all that the season has to offer!

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Vacations

Your vehicle can take a lot of wear and tear over the winter from the colder weather and potholes you're sure to experience, but several simple maintenance tips will provide peace of mind during your summer travels. The five most crucial service tips are:

  • 1. Check Your Tires: Cold and warm weather impacts the pressure in your tires, and having the right tire pressure will help prevent tire blowouts. It's also important to check your alignment and rotate your tires.
  • 2. Refill Vehicle Fluids: Whether it's the engine oil or coolant, there are many vital fluids in your vehicle, and it's important to change out and make sure each is at the right level.
  • 3. Test Your Battery: Your battery controls all the electrical systems in your vehicle, and that includes the starter, so having your battery working as it should is a necessity.
  • 4. Get Your Brakes Inspected: Brakes have a claim to being the most critical component in your vehicle, so making sure that they're working as they should and ready to bring your car to a stop is vital.
  • 5. Check Air Conditioning: Finally, once hotter weather comes, having a working air conditioning system will make all the difference in how much you enjoy being in your vehicle as the sun beats down upon you.

Schedule Your Vehicle Maintenance with Our Branford Honda Service Center

Whether you know that your vehicle could use some work or you just want a general check-up before heading out on a long trip, be sure to schedule auto service online with our dealership. It's quick and easy, and our fair pricing and honest business practices make us an auto service center that many drivers trust!

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