Car shoppers turn to our Branford Honda dealership with a lot of questions about our new Honda models but also the ways they should finance their vehicles. When you finance a new Honda, you'll choose between buying it and leasing it, and we know car shoppers that prefer one over the other or may want to change how they choose to finance their next car, truck, or SUV. Below, we go over some of the advantages of leasing and buying and tips on finding out which auto finance route you should take!

Benefits of a New Honda Lease in Branford

A new Honda lease is a great option for many that want affordability above all else. Because a lease is akin to renting, a new Honda lease lets you enjoy a 2020 Honda Pilot or 2020 Honda Accord at a more affordable monthly payment than if you were financing it. Leasing a new Honda is also flexible as you can choose to buy the model you leased or turn it in at the end of your lease term. The affordability and flexibility make leasing a new Honda great for young professionals and college students around Branford that are working on a budget or looking to build credit before taking out a loan.

Benefits of Buying a New Honda

Leasing does have some drawbacks regarding the mileage limits, inability to modify leased vehicles, and long-term cost, and some drivers find those reasons make buying the better option. When you buy a new Honda, it's yours. You can modify it with window tints and bumper stickers, and you can drive it as much as you want. You can also sell the new Honda you bought at any time. Buying is more expensive in the short-term but a better long-term option as you won't have car payments once you pay off your loan. Buying is great for those that want a vehicle to call their own and those that know they're buying a car for the long run that they can use how they want.

We hope this breakdown of the available Honda financing options helps you, but you can always call our auto finance department if you still have questions about whether leasing a Honda or buying one is the right option for you!

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