If you are deserved or not, buying a car brings the assumption that the process will be awkward and uncomfortable. At Brandfon Honda, though, we work hard to make your car-buying experience as pleasant as possible. We do this by providing you with information to ensure you have the tools you need to be an informed car buyer. Part of that process is dispelling myths associated with buying a car.

Hiding Your Trade-In

A trade-in can be a great way to save some serious money on the purchase of a new vehicle. Unfortunately, some people around Branford have been convinced that it's best to hide their trade-in until the last minute. The thinking is that if they hide their trade-in, they will either get a better deal on the purchase of their car or get more money for their trade. However, that's not true. By presenting your trade to us from the start of the process, we can help save time by appraising it while looking at new vehicles. No matter when you present your trade, though, you can be sure that we'll offer top dollar for your vehicle in Branford.

Bank Financing Is Better

Many people seek out bank financing prior to coming to the dealership to help pay for their new car. Thinking that they will get a better rate from their bank, these individuals will try to rush through the financing process without considering offers from the lenders that the dealer works with. The truth is, though, that banks often can't match the finance rates that we have at our dealership. Especially when you consider the incentivized rates available through the manufacturer, our rates are hard to beat, meaning that you stand to save a lot of money.

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