The very same thing that your windshield wipers save you from is their number one enemy: Mother Nature.

Considering the brutal winter Mother Nature has thrown at us thus far it is safe to say that your wipers have seen better days, and it may be time to freshen them up.  If this is your dilemma then you should check out the Brandfon Honda parts and accessories inventory for the correct wipers to begin your process to safer driving.

Once you have acquired your wipers here in Branford, Connecticut then it is of course time to install them.  Below we have included a quick lesson on how to do this, so take a look at YouTube user AwkwardHamster and his tutorial:

In this video the model the wipers are applied to is an Accord EX-L V6, but the same process can be attributed to any of the other new Honda models we offer.

If winter was beyond unkind to you and your ride and it's time to upgrade more than just your wipers come down to our showroom and check out a new model like the current 2014 Honda Accord.

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