Many drivers shopping for used cars in Branford stop into our showroom wondering what the difference between a CPO and a used car is. So the helpful Brandfon Honda staff is here to give you a quick rundown.

  • CPO stands for Certified Pre-Owned and these cars are backed up by Honda. They're often vehicles that have been turned in after a lease, they'll have lower mileage, and will be fewer than six years old. When you take all of that into consideration, you're definitely getting a quality vehicle. However, the extra stringent process does yield a higher price point.
  • In addition to quite a few CPO models, we also offer a range of pre-owned vehicles at our used car dealership in Branford. You might spot a few more miles on these options, but they are generally offered at lower prices than CPOs. Plus, the majority of our lineup consists of used Honda vehicles. Known for their reliability, even with a little more road under their belts they're all solid vehicles.

  • Finally, no matter which choice you end up making, you have the extra assurance that our Branford, CT service staff gives each model a thorough inspection it gets allotted for sale.

    So if you're sifting through used car dealers in Branford, put our name at the top of your list. We're happy to take the time to detail all of your options and once you've narrowed things down, we can get you set up behind the wheel for a test drive.

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