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Honda Serpentine Belt Replacement

How to Avoid a Bad Break...
Replace Your Honda Serpentine Belt in Branford, CT, at Brandfon Honda

Prevent Serpentine Belt Failure through Timely Replacement

Your Honda is dependent on its serpentine belt for the running of a number of critical engine components. Should your serpentine belt break, components like your alternator, power steering, water pump and air condition can cease to work, potentially leaving you stranded roadside.

That's why you should replace your serpentine belt every four years, and Brandfon Honda in Branford, CT, serving customers in Westbrook, New Britain, Milford and Wallingford, is the place to get it done right with high-quality belts and premier service.

If you haven't replace your belt in a while, or are unsure how long it's been, here are some telltale signs of wear that you can look for on your own. WARNING! Before any belt inspection, make sure the engine is off and disconnect the battery to avoid accidental starting.

Each side of belt appears shiny or glazed. In advanced stages, fabric becomes exposed.
When in motion, the belt makes contact with an object in its path such as a flange or bolt. This may be caused by improper belt tension or pulley bearing size.
Replace belt and remove the foreign object or, if it can't be removed, ensure that contact is avoided. Check the automatic belt tensioner and ensure proper belt tension.

Small, yet visible cracks along the length of a rib or ribs.
With continuous exposure to high temperatures, the stress of bending around the pulley leads to cracking. Cracks begin on the ribs and grow into the cord line. As a rule, if three or more cracks appear in a three-inch section of a belt, eighty percent of the life is gone and the belt should be replaced.
Replace the belt. Brandfon Honda stocks belts that are engineered to withstand higher temperatures and to resist cracking. Check tensioner pulley and idler pulley for bearing wear. Replace if necessary.

Pieces or chunks of rubber material have broken off from the belt. When chunk-out has occurred, a belt can fail at any moment.
Chunk-out can happen when several cracks in one area move parallel to the cord line. Heat, age and stress are the primary contributors.
Replace the belt immediately. Brandfon Honda stocks belts that are designed for greater flexibility and heat tolerance in today's smaller engine compartments.

Small pinholes are visible on the backside of the belt. Bumps may be visible and fabric around the holes can be frayed.
Rock, gravel or sand is wedged between the belt grooves and pulley ridges.
The belt needs to be replaced to avoid tensile cord separation and possible roadside failure. The belts stocked at Brandfon Honda are precision ground for a better pulley fit, unlike common knife-cut belts.

A belt rib begins separating from the joined strands. If left unattended, the cover will often separate, causing the belt to unravel.
Improper belt installation is a common cause of premature failure. One of the outer-most belt ribs is placed outside the pulley groove, causing a belt rib to run without a supporting or aligning pulley groove.
The belt's life has been severely limited and should be replaced immediately. Ensure all ribs of the replacement belt fit into the pulley grooves. Run the engine. Then, with the engine off and battery disconnected, inspect the belt for proper installation.

Sidewalls of the belt may appear glazed or the edge-cord may become frayed and ribs removed. A noticeable noise may result. In severe cases, the belt can jump off the pulley.
Pulley misalignment can be caused by two conditions (see below). Misalignment forces the belt to kink or twist while running, causing premature wear.
Replace the belt and make sure to realign the pulleys. Also check to make sure the pulleys, pulley brackets and shafts are not bent or broken.

Belt material is sheared off from the ribs and builds up in the belt grooves.
There are a number of causes, including lack of tension, misalignment, worn pulleys or a combination of these factors. Pilling is found most frequently in diesel engines, but is not isolated to them.
When pilling leads to belt noise or excessive vibration, the belt should be replaced. Accessory brake pulleys should be checked for material buildup between groves. Replace if necessary.

Belt shows damage to the side with the possibility of breaks in the tensile cord or jagged-edged ribs. A thumping or grinding noise may also be heard when running.
A foreign object-such as a small pebble-in the pulley can cause uneven wear and cut into the belt.
Replace belt and inspect pulley for foreign objects or damage. Replace pulley if necessary.
Also Check Your Automatic Belt Tensioner
Sometime the problem lies with the automatic belt tensioner. The life of your serpentine belt can be significantly comprised by a worn-out or failing tensioner. You should inspect your tensioner for possible symptoms of wear, such as cracked arms, excessive vibration during idle speeds, looseness, grease leaking from bearings, noise (clatter or rattling) and sticking or seized operation. If your engine emits a high whistling sound when you start it, it could well be indicative of a failing belt or tensioner.

Check the Idler Pulleys, Too
Your idler pulleys should also be inspected regularly for damage and wear, particularly before installing a new belt. Nylon pulleys are especially vulnerable to wear problems under heavy loads that occur at engine idle speeds when all accessories are operating (such as stop-and-go conditions in the heat of summer). Pulleys can also fail due to loss of bearing lubrication which contributes to belt wear.

Brandfon Honda offers a full line of premium serpentine belts, automatic belt tensioners and idler pulleys engineered to look, fit and operate like original equipment. To avoid trouble down the road, make a service appointment with Brandfon Honda at 515 West Main Street, Branford, CT 06405 by calling (855) 754-0442 or schedule an appointment online today! We look forward to seeing our Branford, Westbrook, New Britain, Milford and Wallingford customers soon!
*Pictures and descriptions courtesy of the Gates Corporation, premium manufacturer of belts, hoses and hydraulics.
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